Audio/Video Design

Here you will see the products of some of the most challanging but most fun work I've done. Writing, directing, filming, editing and audio design are a lot of hats to wear, but the final products below were entirely worth the time and effort. I hope you enjoy.

  • Bang!

    A clip from a short film I made

    This is a clip from a short film called #YourGoingToDieSoon #NoSeriously #LookBehindYou. It's set in the 1800s and is the telling the story of one of the main character's great great grandfather and how much harder work was back in the day.
    He was a seriel killer.

    Click to watch

    Watch the whole film?

    Get in touch on social media or email me at the links at the bottom of the page. I will send you a link so you can view it.

  • Glitche!

    An audio Project

    This was a project where I had to take everything I learned about Adobe Audition and apply it to an audio/video project. It was inspired by a trend called glitching but I was not yet able to actually glitch something by messing with the code, at the time. So I created a mock glitch film and called it Gliche.

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    In sacred geometry there are symbols that communicate what are called divine ratios and divine proportions. This information can be discovered through a series of exercises that replicate certain symbols. Like the vesica pisces and the flower of life. However, some people believe that there are also secrets of the universe hidden in these symbols and there are also some who believe that this information should be kept a secret. This video is a tribute to this concept.
    I used Adobe Premier Pro and Audition to create the audio and the video.