Graphic Design

Knowing the tools of designers and developers helps me understand their capabilities and limitations. This is paramount in creating somethinng greater.

  • Branding

    5 Guys Rebrand Project

    This is a brand redesign manual that could be used as a strategy guide for franchisees and marketing firms to use when creating ads and marketing material.

    Brand Strategy Guide


    For this project I wanted to create an image that was simple and memorable to coincide with the burger that Five Guys created. I their original color pallet and created a new mark that represents the concept: No matter how you look at it, its always 5 guys.

  • Animated Mask


    Author Maurice Cotterell's book, The Super Gods, discusses a mask discovered in Palenque, Mexico in the 1940s. In the book, he wrote about an amazing property of the mask that he called a transformer. What this means is that you may take two transparencies of the mask and lay them over each other. Alinging the dots over themselves will reveal new images relevent to the life and death of Lord Pacal. I was inspired to test these claims about the mask and Flash was an excellent tool to do this.

    Lord Pacal's Jade Mask

    To create this project I used Adobe Flash. I took an image of the mask and created two transparencies that could lay over one another. I then created buttons that correspond with the dots on the mask. When you click one of the buttons it will split into two then lay over each other to reveal a new image.

  • Bumper Sticker

    Bumper Sticker

    This project was entirely a Photoshop project. I am working on a series that describe different industries using corporate logos within each industry.

    Click for larger image


    This project was inspired by the COEXIST bumper stickers but with a more cynical and political message.

  • HTML5 Animated Web Banner

    Non Profit Ad Banner

    This project for a local non-profit was designed to increase donnors by offering a "pay what you can night" at the local Paramount Theater. They dont actually offer this but they should.

    Click The Banner

    Tools Used

    The graphics were created using Photoshop and Illustrator. The animation is HTML5, CSS and Javascript done in a code editing program called Brackets.

  • Typeface Design


    The name of this font comes from the combination of the terms Pleroma and Logos. Pleroma meaning the wisdom of God as the totality of the universe. And Logos meaning the word of God, the principal of divine reason and the creative order.

    Click to view characters

    Tools and process

    This project was for a font design class
    I used acryllic ink, 100 straws and a lot of breath.
    The process was to drop a drop of ink on a page and blow the ink around with the straw to form the characters.
    I then scanned the images and edited them in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to remove excess ink spots and inorganic looking branches.