The beauty of photography is that you can capture a single moment in time that is unique to that moment and that perspective. It may never be reproduced or experienced by anyone else. As a photographer, however, you can capture that moment and share it for others to experience.

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    Expressive Typography

    This project was for an expressive typography class. The criteria it had to meet was:
    1. It had to be made out of real world objects.
    2. It had to represent a musician or a politician.
    3. It had to represent something unique about the subject.

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    Takeaways from this project

    Dreamers offers a student discount.
    There are a surprising number of "phallic" objects that will hold their shape that do not look like penises.
    Dreamers has a surprising lax return policy.
    Projects like this will not get hung up in the school.
    Libby Chase has a great sense of humor.
    I got an A and a bag of dicks.

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